You Are My True North | 14K Yellow Gold Marquise Engagement Ring | Moissanite Engagement Ring

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"When I crossed the ocean and mountains in search of my true love, I found you. My True North."

Because finding your unique and non-traditional Marquise Forever One Moissanite Engagement Ring that expresses how you feel is like finding gold at the end of a rainbow. Your breathtaking Marquise Moissanite is lab-made, colorless, eye clean, excellent brilliance, good cut, and good polish. The unique shape of a Marquise gemstone will catch everyone's eye and have them falling in love with your non-traditional engagement ring from across the cafe.

Your unique story deserves to be reflected in a special ring that is handmade with love and detailed with an architect's eye. I hope you will feel elegant and poetic wearing this organic and unique ring set. It's flowing with symbolic meaning that connects you with love. Present your sweetheart with the most symbolic and unique engagement ring.

Please send me a message if you would like to order an alternative size diamond for your unique engagement ring or special gift.

Your ring is handmade in Portland, Oregon with mercury-free, Fairmined gold and Harmony/Canadian Diamonds.

+ 10 x 5mm Marquise Forever One Moissanite
+ Colorless DEF
+ 2mm 14K Gold Band
+ 14K Gold Prong Setting

Would you like to design your One-of-a-kind Custom Engagement Ring?
Design your engagement ring from scratch and create a one-of-a-kind work of art. This option can be especially helpful for you if you have a strong fashion sense, an uncompromising stance on where gems are sourced, and those who demand handmade, eco-friendly jewelry. Book an Appointment:

Our Commitment to Feeling Good:
Nested Yellow Jewelry is committed to environmental responsibility, ethical sourcing, and marriage equality. Our jewelry is handcrafted in Portland, OR with 100% reclaimed precious metals, Fairmined gold, ethically sourced gemstones, and low-impact, environmentally conscious practices.