You Are My Sun and Moon Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring Set

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As every season reveals its purpose, as every moment presents its ocean of possibilities, simultaneously to the wide-open perspective of the wise, these possibilities become opportunities that arise. With that in mind I vow that I shall regard my love, rapt, now and forever, with a passion and volition equivalent to that of an astronomer studying the cycles of the sun and moon.

Your unique story deserves to be reflected in a special ring that is designed with love and detailed with an architectural designer’s eye. Give your sweetheart this unique engagement ring flowing with symbolic meaning and romance.

Globally conscious fine custom jewelry designed and handcrafted with genuine care and precision, by Native Honduran Anna Vasquez of Nested Yellow Jewelry located on Lovejoy Street conveniently nestled between the lively Pearl district and the cozy Alphabet district in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon.

Engagement Ring

14K Gold
1.5mm band with a rippled water texture
3mm/0.10 CT. Harmony Diamond in 14K White Gold bezel

Wedding Band

14K Gold
1.5mm band with a rippled water texture

Our current turnaround time is approximately 2-3 weeks. The moment your order submission has been received is the moment your order begins transcendence from a mere purchase to a timeless one-of-a-kind symbol of your devoted love.

Nested Yellow Jewelry is committed to environmental responsibility, ethical sourcing, marriage equality, and all other issues that pertain to decisions that affect our shared humanity and that respect equality. Our pieces are made from 100% reclaimed precious metals, Fair mined gold, ethically sourced gemstones, and environmentally-conscious practices.