Toi Et Moi Naturelovers rings

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"Escape into the earthy scented world of nature where we can explore and get lost amongst the swaying evergreens and place our feet onto damp moss as the breeze moves and sways deep into romance."

This unique conflict-free Moissanite marquise engagement wedding ring set is romantically symbolic of the love between you that continues to naturally grow for many years. The sweetest engagement ring that isn't complete until it's matching wedding ring joins comes together forming a heart and luscious leaves with conflict-free Marquise Diamonds. Why should your wedding ring not be as amazing and breathtaking as your engagement ring?

+ Two Marquise Moissanites. Off-centered to stack.
+ 2mm Comfort Textured Ring has a rounded inside edge for increased comfort
+ 14k White Gold band and bezel settings forged with a rippled water texture.